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The Immortal Boy from the Stars

Sree, Grade 5, Melbourne

“Goodnight,” I yawned to my mom. She smiled back, while she tucked me in.

“Goodnight,” my mother replied. She switched my nightlight on gracefully. She flipped the switch, and my room was dark. The only source of light illuminating the room was the moonlight and my nightlight. I shuffled cosily and slept.

Baam! I woke up with a shudder and a scare. What was that I thought? I slowly crept out of bed, ready to face whatever was there. My eyes widened as I descended the stairs. I saw a figure run and disappear into the darkness. The feeling of something eerie and strange overwhelmed me. However, my curiosity began to take over. I was stuck between a bridge of investigating this strange phenomenon or playing it safe.

Of course, curiosity kills the cat, right? While I pondered, I saw a swift movement. “Anyone there, I promise not to hurt you,” I assured.

“You will not tell right?” a voice sounded, scared.

“Yes but show yourself!” I stepped back agape.

I decided that I needed to investigate this matter. A boy stepped towards me. I could barely make out his figure. He was dressed like as elf from a fairy-tale! He had brown boots, dark- green pants, a buttoned shirt and ginger hair. He also had pointy ears and wings! I stared at him in awe. “Please help me! I accidentally went on a rocket and blasted myself to Earth!” he spoke in a daze.

Why did he say Earth? Was he an alien? I spoke bravely, “First of all, who are you? Then we can stop beating ‘round the bush’ ”. The boy looked taken aback but explained, “I am the prince of another planet, Plutonia. I was mad at my father the other day and in rage got into a rocket and got here”. My jaw dropped. What did he just say? A prince, from another planet! I stepped back.

He scratched his head in embarrassment. “So, what’s your name? I’m Oliva.” I felt assertive. I glanced back and forth and twiddled my thumb. He looked inwardly at me.

“Zander,” he replied.

I pitied him and got my sleeping bag out and an extra blanket. As Zander soundly slept, I pondered. What could I do to help him? He couldn’t possibly stay here!

As I pondered, my eyes became heavy. I closed them for a second and I slept quietly.

“Oliva!” my mother was creeping upstairs. Oh no! I panicked and woke up Zander. “What?” He gasped for air. “Hide, quickly!” I whispered. Zander ran into the closet while I hid the sleeping bag under my bed.  As my mother approached, I pretended to sleep.

“Wake up,” she daintily said. I pretended to wake up and glanced at the cupboard. “Good morning mom, I’ll get ready,” I popped out of bed in a hurry. She shrugged and went downstairs to my father. I treaded to Zander’s hiding spot. I pulled the closet open. He was worried about what had just happened. His beady eyes stared into my soul. I nodded to him to come over.

Zander and I were worried. How could I hide a secret as big as this? Someone else was living in my own house!

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