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The Survey

Agastya, Grade 6, Canberra

Hi my name is Gigy and I am 11 years old. I'm about to tell you the story of what happened when my parents left for a business trip and left me home alone. I was under the covers of my bed tucked safely in when my computer turned on. My parents weren't home so I got out of bed, walked up to my computer and checked the screen. It said


That was weird. I didn't do any surveys today, sure I played a bit more of my video games then I was allowed to but I didn’t do any surveys and since I was tired I quickly clicked no and got back in my bed. Well when I say I got in my bed I was halfway there when something made me stop in my tracks. The computer was CACKLING!!! Wrong answer, the screen said. 1⁄3 and the words you can’t escape appeared on the screen followed by more cackling. I wanted to run but my curiosity got the better of me. I sat down and started the survey.

Question 1: Are you alone?

That’s a weird question to ask, this was like those youtube videos that youtubers make in the middle of the night to make people scared, I knew that was just a horror quiz that you do for dares and do in the middle of night. Personally I hate these quizzes and would never do them even if my life depended on it. Which after I came to know that it did. I clicked on no.


Ok, that's creepy but again my curiosity got the better of me and I opened my curtains but what I saw freaked me out even worse than the survey, MY NEIGHBOUR WAS LYING DEAD IN HIS BACKYARD!!!!!! And above him stood a person wearing black pointing at... ME! When I looked closer there was a piece of paper on him saying 3/3. Then I remembered MY score

1 more question wrong and I would end up like my neighbour. Dead. I started crying. I was much too young for these things. I passed out.

I woke up strapped tightly to a chair in an abandoned warehouse. Well I thought it was an abandoned warehouse, it looked exactly how an abandoned warehouse would look, with crusty wood walls water leaking from the ceiling and torture tools nex... Wait torture tools I tried to remember how I got here then I remembered THE SURVEY! How my computer turned on by itself, the creepy questions, my dead neighbour and the creepy man in black that pointed at me. This was all too much for my tiny 11 year old brain and I nearly passed out once again but a grizzly man came from the corner and punched me in the face. Blood dripped from my nose when the man asked me “Where is it!?” I didn’t reply. Probably because I couldn't reply. My nose was most likely broken and I was in too much pain to even move a body part. The man got a bucket of water, and unstrapped me from my chair but held my hands together with duct tape. “WHERE IS IT!?” The man screamed again. This time I managed to say “I don’t know!” “Wrong answer” The man said. Then he dunked my head in the bucket of water and kept it like that for a long time. I screamed but nobody could hear me as I was underwater. I thought about my parents and what they would see when they came back. I sobbed and sobbed but my tears swept away in the water then the man's phone rang. He pulled me out of the bucket and picked the phone up. “Has he told you yet” a raspy voice said out of the phone. “No not yet” said the man looking scared. “Remember what I said about failure” said the voice. “I'm sorry,” the man said, looking scared. “You know what will happen to people that fail” the man's voice turned hoarse “No” said the man “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” he screamed as foam poured from his mouth and he fell to the floor as his life was extinguished before my eyes “Boy” the voice said “You're next”

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