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Kenisha, Grade 6, Canberra

I ran towards Will “Get Down!” I scream at him. We jump down as a ball of fire passes over our heads, burning my top hairs. We fall onto the hard ground. I roll over and jump up. I look behind me and wince as a small hole opens up the wall. Will’s crawling towards the wooden desk. I hear screams in the background. Will grabs a hammer off the desk and flings it at me. I catch it and I throw it at the creature. It hits the creature and it falls back. After a few moments, it gets up again, amber eyes shining with anger.

“ Well, that didn’t work” I mutter. The creature lunges at Will and I whack it with a huge metal rod. It doesn’t seem to do much damage. It runs into the huge hole in the next room. I help Will up and we walk around the lab trying to find the professor. Will limps toward a shattered ipad and jabs at the screen. It opens and he dials 9-1-1. While the broken ipad rings, I walk towards the door and try to pull it open. It won’t budge. I give up and slump over to a locked cupboard. I grab a gun and smash it onto the gold key hole. The cupboard opens and inside are some sharp bullets, a usb car charger, a laptop and an unloaded gun. I grab the gun and load it up, arms working the gears. I shoot the keyhole of the door and run over to it, a mountain of hope building up inside of me. The door won’t budge. The mountain inside of me comes crashing down, fear replacing it. Someone wants us to be stuck here.

I go over to Will as the dial finally picks up.

“ Hello. 911 emergency caller here. What is your emergency?’

“ We're stuck in a freaking lab with a maniacal demon going around!?” Will replies.

“ I’m sending the police.”

That's not an emergency operator. How does she know where we are?

“ Who are you?” I ask into the ipad

“ Took you long enough. Whoever you call it reaches me. I’m the one who trapped you in there.” says the ‘emergency operator’.

Suddenly the door smashes down. A giant demon steps in. I cut the phone and me and Will duck behind the counter.

“ Stay quiet Kannada.” whispers Will into my ear.

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