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The Betrayal

Arjun, Grade 6, Melbourne

It was a dull day,you could barely see the sky and me and Maddie(my bestie) were walking down the street with nothing to do,just then I had a great idea.We both ran down the street back to my house.

“Wait here”,I told her.I slowly walkinged into the room trying not to get caught.”WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE YOU MORON”My step dad yelled.”THESE ARE MY SNACKS”.

My dad died before I was born and my mum was having a hard time raising me,so she got remarried and even though he isn’t an ideal dad he gives us money so all is working out.Well…..most of it,when my mums around he pretends he loves me and would to anything for me but he doesn't even look at me when mums away.He told me to go to bed so I called Maddie and told her that i’m not coming and she should get some rest.

The next day in school Me and Maddie were walking into the cafeteria when Ayla the school bully walked up to us and threw our lunch in the air.”Oh-no i’m so sorry I didn’t mean it”,she giggled.

Just then the intercom started talking about the play about Shakespeare is starting again! ”Maddie, will you be my partner for the lead role if we get it?”I asked her.”Sure!”Maddie said.”Oh,c'mon Maddie you can do better than her!”said Ayla “be my partner”

I walked off and expected her to follow me but she stayed there and listened to what Ayla was saying. I ran home and lay on the bed.”Surely Maddie will never betray me”I muttered to myself.”Right?”

I walked to school the next day wearing my costume for the play.I walked to Maddie’s house first to walk with her but her mum said that she already left.I was very confused because Maddie always waited for me even if she was late!

“Hey Maddie's ex-friend,”Ayla said as soon as I opened the school door.Next to Ayla was standing there,but when I said hi to Maddie she just said:”Go away loser”.This is impossible I said to myself


The school bell had just rung and I had to go for the play.”I’ll deal with this nonsense later.”I mutteredI ran to the theater and walked straight on stage.I was doing everything well when suddenly…..”BOO BOO ''Said a familiar voice.

I looked up and saw that it was all maddie.This is it,if all she wants is to be enemies then i'll show her who is boss.

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