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Malvika Oberoi

Welcome to the vibrant realm of English language excellence, where education meets inspiration! I am a CELTA certified trainer hailing from the prestigious University of Cambridge, England. Buckle up for an exhilarating ride as we delve into the fascinating world of language learning!

A Tapestry of Expertise: 🎓

  • 🌍 Internationally Certified with a CELTA from the University of Cambridge

  • 📚 Holders of Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English

  • 🌐 TEFL Certification from Spain

  • 📚 Bachelor of Education

A Teaching Odyssey: 

  • 🏆 Over 6 years of crafting minds in diverse settings - secondary schools, renowned coaching institutes, and beyond!

  • 👥 Empowered school students, college scholars, working professionals, and dynamic homemakers

Mastering the Art of Education: 

  • 🚀 Dynamic Methods to Stimulate Thinking and Unleash Creativity

  • 💻 Seamless Expertise in Online and Offline Teaching Environments

Intellectual Pursuits: 📖

  • 🎓 Currently immersed in a PhD journey, exploring the rich tapestry of American Studies

  • 🌏 Represented India in cultural exchange programs to Japan and Brazil

Globally Recognized Skills: 🌐

  • 🌟 Attended UGC Sponsored International Seminars and Workshops by Delhi University

  • 🎭 Enriched skills through workshops by Trinity, London

A Champion for the Environment: 🌿

  • 🌍 Advocating for Environmental Causes 

Fostering Confidence for Tomorrow's Leaders: 🌟

  • 🚀 Dedicated to sculpting confident, empowered individuals for a future that shines with promise

Join me in this thrilling journey where every word, every lesson, and every experience is a brushstroke on the canvas of language mastery. Together, let's turn the ordinary into extraordinary, making learning an enchanting voyage for your child. 🌠✨📚


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