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By - Sree (Grade 5, Melbourne, Australia)

KNOCK, KNOCK! I treaded over the carpet to the door, irritated. “What is it!”, I furiously yelled at my sister for annoying me. I opened the screechy door to a girl in the white shirt and jeans. “Mom wants you to hurry up already!”, she glared at me. I always hated my sister, so doing the reasonable thing, I slammed the door in her face. I looked at my backpack curiously wondering what I was forgetting. I squeezed my notebook in the tiny gap. Then, I picked up the heavy backpack onto my shoulders. I yelled out “I AM GOING CAMPING!”, a smile trickled in the corners of my mouth. I opened the door, then I shut it. Then I ran through the hallway of doors, and I gleefully ran down the stairs. 

“NO RUNNING CLARA!” my concerned mother called down from the stairs. Chole, being the awful teenager she is, stared at her phone barely even showing excitement. “Why aren’t you excited Chole?”, I was confused. Then, she started ranting about all the cons and negative facts about camping. I regretted even asking her. She always forgets to see the pros, the good part of camping! 

Our dad called for us to get into the car. Chole hugged her phone, as if it was her baby. “How will I ever stay away from my precious phone”, she whined. I rolled my eyes. What a drama queen!

9 PM

I zipped up my orange tent. We were in the forest, and I was sharing a tent with my annoying sister. She glumly looked down, wishing for her phone. I laid in my sleeping position, my eyes heavy. I zipped up my sleeping bag. “Goodnight Chole”, I whispered. Chole smiled goodnight to me. Sometimes, she is not so bad. The sleeping bag was cosy and warm. I closed my eyes and slept.

12 AM

“WAKE UP, WAKE UP” My crusty eyes opened, and I realised we were not in a tent! Chole was crying her eyes out. I froze for a second.  OH GOD! A black truck, a crying sister! This could only mean one thing! We were being kidnapped!  I burst into tears; an overwhelming sense of fear came over me. I hugged Chole, my lips in a pursed position. Were we going to see our parents again? Millions of thoughts swelled in my head.

“Chole what happened, where’s mom and dad?” I asked frantically. 

“They were knocked out cold, and you and I were forced into here! 

I mumbled with my face wet, “Remember to stay calm”. I felt so desperate to go back to my family that my memories flashed like a movie. I squeezed my hand into a fist. I sighed. I needed to find a way to escape…


“Get up”, a voice called. I looked up to a convincing man with large muscles. I moved back in fear. “Do what they say, and they won’t hurt you”, Chole instructed. I walked over to the man, gingerly jumping out of the truck. Then he drew something from his pocket.  “HANDCUFFS!”, I yelled. My sister was pulled off down the corner. I stood in front of a large building in blue. I was trembling. “Wh-where is my sister?”, I stammered trying my best not to break into tears. “You two are never going to see each other again!”, he laughed. I was terrified, tears streaming down my face. He pointed to a door. I walked over there, trying to breathe from the pressure.

 I saw my sister; she was crying for our parents. I ran to her just before entering the room the man pointed to. “CHOLE!”, I yelled at her. She wrapped her hands around me for a hug. “I’m sorry for ever making you upset”, she cried. In this emotional moment, blue beads dropped from my face. “I am sorry, and I will miss you” I walked to the other door before the man yelled at me. As I walked off, I saw confusion. “What do you mean by "I will miss you"? Chole stepped back, her arms hugging her chest. She mumbled something under her breath. I drew a sigh. She cried and ran off into the second door. I pursed my lips quite sadly…

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