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A Mystery

By - Arjun (Grade 6, Australia)

I looked at the hard concrete floor, my dad was sitting down wrapped up in a blanket hoping that someone would give him a single dollar so he could buy me food. "It’s okay Dad”, I told him as he started crying. A lot of people may think life is hard when you're homeless, and don’t get me wrong, but I love my life. Every day I go to the library and read a book, the librarian gives me fruit and my dad, and I share it. It’s the same every day but I’d do anything for my dad. Like any other day, I got up and headed for the library." Hi!”, I said to the librarian. "Alex, I have the perfect book for you today”, she exclaimed. She handed me the book which is apparently about a hungry tiger. The librarian told me to go to page 68."What is page 68 about?”, I asked as I slowly turned the page to 68.

“AHHHHHHHHHH”, I yelled as I heard the librarian's wicked laughter. I was still screaming when I awoke. “Phew!”, I said to myself as I felt the concrete floor. “It was all just a dream!”

“Are you sure about that?”, said an unfamiliar voice. I slowly opened my eyes, and I was terrified. A hungry, big, and talking tiger was looking straight at my face. "If I were you, I would run”, the tiger said calmly. Then suddenly it lunged at me, and I ran as fast as I could. "Come back you little peasant", it said as it grabbed onto my shirt and threw me on the floor. I knew I was a few seconds away from death but then I remembered that on the 67th page of the book, it was about a tiger chasing a boy! "I’m in a BOOK”, I thought to myself. I closed my eyes and let the tiger kill me.

SLASH! As soon as I opened my eyes I was back in the library. Then, there was a librarian standing in front of me, but she didn’t seem to be happy when she saw me. “How did you survive?”, she asked in a deadly calm voice. "WHY DID YOU DO THIS, YOU WERE THE ONLY KIND PERSON I KNEW!”.

I was about to cry when the door creaked open, it was my dad.

“Hey Alex, I was really wanting a banana…. wait Delta?!”

“No way!”, I thought to myself”, Delta was my mum's name”.

"Yes honey, it's me," she said enthusiastically.” This is getting so crazy, my own mother wants to kill me!”, I thought to myself as my father embraced her, but right then when she stopped hugging my dad and I saw a jungle where there was a boy being chased by a tiger through her eyes.

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