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The Bottle

By - Sree (Grade 5, Melbourne, Australia)

I walked down the sandy path, staring down at my feet. If you didn’t know, the plant I CREATED was on the loose. “That devious plant”, I muttered. If you didn’t know, a few days after my science teacher was harmed by the poisonous plant, the plant had been on the loose. It had my city around its finger. It had caused pandemonium everywhere. And to add fuel to the fire, my friend was missing. I was not on cloud nine.

I rummaged through my backpack frantically, where my science book was. Then when I looked up. I saw a piece of plastic in the water glisten. “What is that?”, I pondered. While my thoughts raced, I stepped curiously into the shallow waters.  I picked it up, and there was a message in the bottle!

Right when I was about to remove the cork, my mother called out to me, “Matilda, back INSIDE!”. You see the plant had not only venomous gas, (which it spumes on the victim), it had CREATED AN ARMY. So, at night, it is advised to go back home and lock the doors, windows or anything that could let it invade the house.

“Coming!!!”, I yelled back. I put the book and the bottle back in my backpack and raced to my house. My house was pale green; when you entered it, there were two staircases leading to the second floor. Once I reached my house, I went upstairs and sat on my bed. I was so hungry I could eat a horse!

I took out the bottle for my backpack and I took the cork out, unravelling the message. I read aloud, “HELP! I HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED BY A DISASTROUS PLANT! Please help, here’s a clue because I don’t have too much time to write: A place with an old telescope taught in History 101, on a telescope. From, Jane Roberts”. I gasped. Now, my plant has kidnapped my best friend!? This was right out outrageous!

The next morning,

I hastily dressed in my clothes, a purple t-shirt, jeans, and red sneakers. I thought, as I held the note, “Telescope, History 101?’. Thoughts raced through my mind. I gawked, as I saw my mom. I sneaked out. That’s when I realised…

 At the Museum

I ran to the Galileo’s exhibition. The telescope (which had belonged to Galileo) was there for the remaining three days, (It had been transported from Italy for public show). The telescope was in the gleaming, golden light. I paced at full speed and went near it. As I inspected it, I saw something white inside the lens.

I saw a woman in a blue jacket and fedora. It was the mayor’s stingy, mean wife. I splashed water on her, making sure I saw something anonymous. An ambiguous stranger, yelled, “VANDLISAM!”. The cops and guards took this as an offence. “My dress!”,the woman remarked. She loved creating scenes. As, she made the tiny inconveniences into giant ones. I took out a pair of gloves and removed the lens, to read the message…

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