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By - Sasmitha (Grade 9, London)

A mysterious shadow fell upon the street. It was a girl. Her name was Lily, and she lived in the great city of London, known for its diversity and culture.She was alone. Lily had always wanted to see the city, but her school did not allow it. Her school was on the outskirts of London, so she slipped out of her school. Her curious nature had led her to the heart of London with some help from kind people. Her gratitude for them knew no bounds. Lily stood in awe looking at the skyscrapers and decided that she would climb it regardless of the danger and risks involved. She was resolute about her decision to climb it. She knew that if her parents were there, they would be appalled. Lily ran and started climbing the building with the help of her agility. Some people who saw her thought she was insane. But she did not care. As she was climbing, she looked down and she wobbled and fell but managed to grasp the window edge and regain her balance. Looking down, she could see a blur of cars and the road with people looking like dots. If she fell, she would be run over by vehicles and it would be a messy death but then determinedly, she resumed climbing and looked at the spectacular sight around her. Her parents died when she was young, which had a devastating effect on her and made her the adventurous girl she was. It was evening, and all the buildings were lit up with the sunset in the sky above. It was the coolest thing she ever saw. Her eyes were filled with the beautiful reflection of the city.

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