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At the Beach 
by Shivam, Grade 5, Brisbane (Australia)

People swimming in the vast crystal ocean,

Talking, chatting, enjoying, and having a happy-positive emotion.

Kids running and playing in the golden sand,

People listen to the smooth sound of the musical band.


Children laughing and licking the cold-refreshing ice cream,

People playing volleyball in the soft sand, What an amazing team!

Families having picnics on the beach that day,

People surf on the waves in the month of May.


Families diving in the blue waters and finding some corals,

Children plucking colourful bright florals.

Families and friends collect wood to camp for the night,

People woke up to take pictures of the sunset’s fantastic light.


Vendors run to collect all the beautiful shells and make jewellery to sell,

They come back home and have many stories to tell.

Even I told my friends about all the fun I had,

I had lots of things in the diary to add.

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