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by Sree, Grade 5, Melbourne (Australia)

A white blanket of snow covers the flowers.

I see children laughing while playing happily.

Soon it gets darker; rain begins to shower,

I stare at my window, pale and cold.


I snuggle in my warm blanket, snowflakes still scattering,

I sip my hot drink, still staring into the cold abyss,

Now I am outside, the emerald grass and fragrant flowers are dazzling,

Now it is spring; the birds are chirping.


I gaze at the glimmering sunlight,

The chill breeze dances in my skirt,

Roses, daisies, and tulips give me delight,

Pretty flowers of all kinds spring up from the ground,


The sun blazes its fury and now it is summer,

Birds take flight, butterflies roam,

The smell of salt comes from seawater,

My cheeks burn hot and every day the sky is clear,


The leaves turn into shades of green.

I embrace the chilly breeze.

The golden rays and fallen leaves,

So autumn closes, and now comes, the winter.

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