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by Samiksha, Grade 5, Melbourne

Sunsets are warm as red and orange fill the skies,

People sit in the copper-coloured sand and tunes play in their eyes.

Kids play and walk their dogs and play in the salty seas,

They run to the ice cream truck in the heat just so they can freeze.


Couples walk down the beach to see dolphins jump out of the waves,

They looked at the beach’s sun just so they could gaze.

She sells seashells by the seashore,

She comes back the next day just to get more.


The old man comes every day just to feed the pigeons,

He comes every day just like it’s a mission.

When the sun sets, people come to catch stars,

The sun reflects on everyone’s cars.


At night, when people go,

The moon starts to glow.

The sunset will always come,

To give peace and pleasure to some. 

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