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The Magic Pencil

I looked at my hardworking mum. She was trying everything to manage our really expensive loan—it literally cost an arm and a leg. So, I was trying to study well to get a full scholarship. I bought a pen, then started studying. I got tired, so I drew a $1000 bill on my next page. Suddenly, I heard a giant thud and said, "WHAT WAS THAT?" I shouted. I checked, and it was a $1000 bill. "NO WAY THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED," I said, frightened.

I gave the notebook to my little brother, Carl. He said to me in a cute way, "Why are you giving this to me, Ben?"

"Uhh, just take it for free," I replied, so he took it. A few minutes later, I asked him, "What are you drawing, Carl?"

"I am drawing Mecha Godzilla."


"Why, Ben?"

"Just don’t."

"I already did."

"OH NO," I said to myself. Then I heard it—a giant thud. I started running with my brother and alerted my mom (I took the notebook with me). When we reached there, we heard giant footsteps. Carl said, "It will be a piece of cake killing this monster."

I was like, "SERIOUSLY, CARL?!"

We heard Mecha Godzilla charging at us and powering his Atomic Beam. We bolted out of the place while crossing our fingers. Then my family looked at me and said, "Ben, spill the beans. What is the secret of the notebook?"

I said nervously, "Whatever you draw in the notebook comes to life, and Carl drew this thing."

Then something whispered in my ear, "Erase the drawing, dummy."

"FINE! WHATEVER YOU ARE," I said nervously. Then I erased it, and it was gone. I was so relieved and happy. Suddenly, my mum put the pencil into a stove and burnt it. Everyone was overjoyed and relieved. They charged at me, and I started laughing out loud.

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