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The Locket Story

Emily's heart sank as she realized her cherished locket was missing. She retraced her steps through the bustling city streets, each one more frantic than the last. Little did she know. her quest to find the locket would lead her to unexpected places and faces.


Emly could not stop thinking about the lost locket. It was the last thing her father had given to her before he died in a car crash. She still remembered the screaming and the sound of the vehicles crashing into each other. The bus wouldn’t stop. Emily was the only survivor of the fatal accident and her mother had died when Emilly was 2. Emily’s Dad gave her the locket the night before saying it was his life's work. Emily couldn't just leave it without discovering what her Dad had been working all his life! She had to find the locket. Emily didn’t know what she was in for. 


Emily thought about the last place she had gone and walked through the city of Bigob Bo. She walked into an alleyway where she found the pub she went to last night. Maybe someone had pickpocketed her locket when she wasn’t looking. She walked in but the crowd was different from last night. There was the bartender looking scared as he served a weird looking man with a hoodie on. Everyone else was looking at the man's drink and when Emily walked closer a guy that was sitting down near the man screamed at her to stop walking. But it was too late. The man lashed out and the second he touched her hand the world swirled and everything went black. Emily woke up in the boot of the car with a bag on her face. She also didn’t remember anything. Not just how she got there but everything that had happened to her since birth. The memories were gone. 


When the car stopped Emily was basically just a rock. She didn’t know anything, including why she was here and who she was as a person. The boot opened and someone grabbed her and chucked her onto what seemed like concrete. Emily’s skin peeled as her body scraped against the cold concrete. She let out a cry of scream but the kidnapper covered her mouth and injected her with something that made her groggy. “You weren't supposed to wake up yet Emily” The next time Emily woke up it was in a testing chamber with bulletproof glass. Emily still had a bag on her head and all she could hear was the screaming. It was horrible. Everyone was screaming like their life depended on it but that wasn’t even the worst part. It was when the screaming stopped. Now you have to remember Emily had the intelligence of a baby. She didn’t know anything, even the most basic stuff. She didn’t even know how to talk. Emily could feel 2 people grab her and throw into something that seemed like a trapdoor. Then something injected her again. “How many times will I get injected” though Emily. Notice something. Emily could think. Everything came back to Emily like a tidal wave. All of her memories and everything came back. A PA announcement came over a little speaker. “Sorry Emily but we couldn’t let you escape, you see some people are very smart and uh incapacitate the nice man that drove you here. “Where am I!” Emily shouted and laughs came from above her head. “You don’t know about The Jigsaw?”.


The Jigsaw was the name of a series of murders which took place 7 years ago. Everyone would have a puzzle piece tattoo on their neck and they would have a substance injected in them. The interesting thing was the substance. It was stuff that hadn’t been created yet. It could turn people into lizards or give them superhuman strength. But what if the substance failed. It would torture your blood cells and make them expand until… well it was hard to think about. The police thought that a group of people were experimenting on humans and tried desperately to figure out where they were but after 5 years they gave up. This made people very mad because they were all scared that they would be the next victims. The murders stopped after the police stopped investigating and everyone thought the police got too close and they got scared. But now Emily was in their base of operations and it didn’t look like they stopped. Just got more careful. “Why me!” Emily screamed. “Why anyone?” The voice said. “Please leave me alone!” Emily screamed. “And that brings us to the point,” the voice said. “Do you want to play a game, Emily?” Emily thought for a second. “Will you let me go” “Don't be greedy Emily but that time will come” “If you pass this game 1 person will go free” Emily thought for a second. “I will play the game”. The laughter that came from above was terrible.


Emily woke up in a small concrete room with a timer on the wall and a big drain in the middle of the room. The timer had 4 minutes on it. “Escape” a voice said from the wall. “How!” Emily screamed but the voice didn’t talk back. Emily was scared now. Should she have played the game? Did she really care about a person that she didn’t know? No Emily thought. I'm going to escape and destroy Jigsaw forever. A voice in Emily’s head thought, “How can you, a small scared girl, destroy a criminal operation. Shut up Emily thought. Emily desperately tried to figure out the secret to the room. There was nothing in the room except for the timer. The timer! Emily used to watch movies as a child that were just like this and learned that there is always a way to escape. She ripped the timer out and there was a phone in there. She took it out but it was locked and she needed the password. The timer started to ring even though it was broken and a liquid started to come out of the drain. Emily put her 2 legs on both walls so she wouldn't touch the ground and threw the timer at the liquid. It dissolved slowly when it touched the liquid. Emily knew exactly what it was. Concentrated hydrochloric acid looking at how fast the timer dissolved in it. Emily was crying. If that touched her it would dissolve her skin instantly. Emily tried to guess the password to the phone through tears but entered the wrong password too many times. The phone was locked for 5 minutes. Emily was going to die.


Emily climbed higher but hit the concrete roof and nearly slipped into the acid which was rising higher every second. Then Emily remembered something. Emergency call. She knew it was a guess but she had to try something. She searched the roof for anything that looked like a phone number and saw something that said 0456 391 739 she quickly typed it into the phone and the same voice that put her in the game answered. “Good job Emily” “Someone will come and collect you”. The acid started going down and went back down the drain. Emily was so happy and thought about how they would knock her out this time. A tranquiliser gun apparently. 


Emily thought the games were done but they had just started. She found herself. In a giant room that had black and white tiles. A man came out of nowhere and stuffed tablets down Emily’s throat. “Try this with some Quaaludes” Ludes! Emily was very familiar with ludes. They would get you so high and increase drowsiness. A dose of that many could kill her, Emily thought. She couldn't do anything that high. She had to be quick. The ludes would take place in around 30 minutes. Emily pretended to be unconscious then punched the man in the face. She slammed his face into the ground until he was unconscious and took his clothes and the radio. Emily tied the man up and she tried to figure out the secret to this room. Then the voice came. “How are you doing now Emily” “Let me go!” Emily screamed. “Well we would have if you hadn’t beaten the guard unconscious” “Liar!” Emily shrieked “I was just trying to find my dad's locket!” “Do you know who your dad was, Emily?” “What do you mean?” Emily said now curious. “Your dad was the leader of the original Jigsaw”.

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