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The Mysterious House
by Aditi Singh

Once upon a time, in the shadows of the night. There was a girl named
Violet who lived with her father named John. They lived near a forest in a
mansion type of house. Violet’s mother died when she was very young sadly
they had lost they had lost their house and all their money. One morning
Violet and her dad woke to go hunting. Violet caught sight of a zebra.       

Violet and her dad ran after it. After running for some miles they got
tumbled around a log of wood. They found themselves on an unknown path.
They smelt like a disgusting dead body or animal type of smell. They saw an
abandoned house so, they ran into the house without thinking for once
because of the terrible smell. When they got into the house they saw all the
furniture covered in white clothes and spider webs. Then they saw a mirror
covered in black cloth and there was written to not to remove the cloth from
the mirror it can cause danger with red color. After they saw it they got
scared Violet’s father john said “I think we should go from here this place is
not safe for us”. Violet agreed and said “ You are saying right we should go
from here”. Then they ran for their home. When they got into the house they
drank some water and then slept. The next day they woke up and went back
to the forest to look for food, but violet thought of going back to that
abandoned house because of her inner thoughts. When she got into the
house she saw what she saw yesterday but the mirror moved a little
forward. She thought to remove the black cloth from the mirror. After that
she removed the cloth from the mirror without hesitation. She thought that
nothing would happen at the moment the lights started to flicker and the
windows opened automatically. She got scared and she started to run. Her
dad was also finding her. He was screaming her name” VIOLET,VIOLET”.
She heard her dad screaming her name loudly. She followed the voice and
met her dad. Her dad asked “Where were you & what were you doing?”. She
lied and said “I was at the other side of the forest’’. Her father said “ what
were you doing there?”. She said “I thought there will be more animals to
hunt ,I am sorry”. Her father said “it is okay, but from now don’t go there I
have hunted a deer let’s go from here’’. She said “ok”. Then they got to their
home. She started hallucinating her mom. She hallucinated her saying
“Daughter come near me I will give you a gift”. She was not knowing that
she was hallucinating and she started going to near her, but in real life she
was going near a mirror. When she was in the front of the mirror she handed
herself a gift in black color and on it there was written open me with red
color and a smiley face. After some minutes her father came and asked
“HEY, what are you doing near the mirror?”. She was out from her

hallucination and asked “ what are YOU doing here?’’. Her father said” I am
asking YOU”. She said “nothing’’ and hides the box behind her back.

After that her father goes for hunting. She thought to open the gift but she
also thought that it might be danger opening it. After that she still opened it
and she saw a little paper chit in there. When she opened it she saw “you
are not safe’’ written on it. She got scared and tried to run but she was not
able to run because it was like that something was holding her. She started
to cry and begging for her life. She also tried to scream but she was not able
to. At the moment her father came and asked “what happen to you & what
are you doing?. She said “ HELP ME I AM STUCK”. Her father said took the
chit from her hand and ripped it. After that he asked “Did you go in that
abandoned from which I WARNED YOU ? just tell me the truth RIGHT NOW”.
She looked down and said with a sad face “ y...........y....yes”. Her father said
said “It was just my curiosity........... I am sorry from my heart....really” but
still she was not. Her father knew that she is not telling the truth but he
acted like he didn’t knew anything. Violet also believed him and said “ I am
going to my room” and she was gone. Her father was having an idea he
knew that violet can be in danger, he traced her steps. As most of the time
she was not in her room. But how was he able to trace her steps?. When she
was explaining why she went there he dropped some ink on her shoes.
That’s why he was able to trace her footsteps. 


Violet’s room

He stopped at an unknown place. Something grabbed his neck. He was
knowing that it is a trap. So he didn’t turned back. He grabbed whatever was
grabbing him and threw it on the ground. After that he saw two – two violet’s
standing in front him. But there was a twist one of them was real and one of
them was a ghost. If he gets the real one the other one will die and if he gets
the ghost one the real one will die. But not as always he chose the ghost
one and just because of his one mistake his own daughter died and ghost
one vanished. He cried so much. But past can’t come back. He always felt
guilty because of her daughter’s death and he was not able to accept it and
he became mentally unstable.

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