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Emily's Missing Locket

Emily’s heart sank as she realized her cherished locket was missing. She retraced her steps through the bustling city streets, each one more frantic than the last. Little did she know, her quest to find the locket would lead her to unexpected places and faces.

She turned into an alley in which she walked through earlier that hour. The alley was crepuscular and more eerie than she had remembered. She ignored the feeling that someone was watching her and continued her anxious search. As the hunt through the alley came to an end, she heard a voice calling for her. Emily looked behind her and saw a figure, about 5 ft tall and dressed in black robes. They were holding an engraved wooden staff and were slightly tilted to one side.

Emily took a few steps back.

She saw emerald green eyes looking at her through all the black robes.

“ Hello Emily, “ said the figure.

“ See, I really need to go right now, CHEERIO!”

Emily darted out of the alley and down the street. She looked behind her to see if the person - well she wasn’t even sure if this person was human or not- was following her. She turned ahead and the figure was standing there. Emily shrieked and jumped back.

“ How did- weren’t you- ok never mind” muttered Emily.

“ Who even are you, what are you, what do you want, and why are you following me?” asked Emily.

“ My name is Helga.” The figure took off their hood. A beautiful woman looked at Emily with red wavy hair and curious green eyes. She was pale and had  golden hoops hanging from her ears.

“ I believe you're looking for this.” Helga lifted her pale hand up, with Emily’s locket hanging from her fingers.

“ Um, you need to let go of that and give it to me right now. Trust me. There’s something in that locket you don’t  want to come across.” said Emily.

“ And why should I?”

“ I literally just told you, now give it over” Emily tried to seize the locket.

Helga had a quick reflex and popped her hand back.

“ What’s so dangerous about this?” said Helga, playfully swinging the locket around her finger.

“ OK, that’s it.” Emily felt anger rushing through her blood. Her feet came off the ground and she started to hover.

I can’t let this happen again

Emily remembered what happened at the river with Rico. She carelessly had propelled him into the river because he was annoying her.

 She suddenly realized her hands had fire on them. She shook them.

Oh, why did the locket even give her these stupid powers? She hated them so much. And if Helga opened the locket, she would get the powers. They sometimes get triggered from your emotions. As far as Emily knew, only a few other people in the world were given the locket. Only the best of the best could control their powers, unlike Emily. Helga smirked as Emily struggled to control her powers.

“ You’re not the only one.”

Helga rose into the air, slapping Emily with disbelief. Helga smiled and threw the locket at Emily.

“ Just tell that feeling in your veins to destroy NO. It works. You have the domination, not your powers.”

said Helga.

Emily clasped the locket in her hands and did what Helga told her. She found herself on the ground in a matter of seconds.

“ Thank you.” said Emily.

“ Where’s your locket?” asked Emily

Helga reached into her robes and took out a much bigger locket.

“ Do you know anyone else who has the locket? There are only 5 on this planet so I’m guessing not.” Said Helga.

“ I actually do. His name is Rico. He had weaker powers than me. He was my best friend until I lost control of my powers and threw him into a river. He was ok, but never spoke to me after that.” replied Emily.

“ At least you didn’t set a building on fire.” said Helga

Emily laughed.



 Suddenly a hand reached out and snatched the locket from Emily’s neck. She looked at the face. It was Rico. He sneered. Then he sprinted. Emily turned around to canter after him, but he was gone.

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