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The Missing Locket

Emily's heart sank as she realised her cherised locket was missing. She retraced
her steps through the bustling city streets, each one more frantic that the last.
Little did she know,her quest to find the locket would lead her to unexpected
places and faces...

Emily was very upset about her missing locket . Actually, it wasn't JUST a locket.
it was a special one gifted to her by her mother. Emily passed lot's of streets and
Wait what is that? Oh a locket, it's pink. I'll return it .''This will take a while ...''
Emily was in a hurry. She was also a bit grumpy. If this never happened, Emily
would be on her phone watching Tik Tok videos. Emily looked around... ''What is
this place? Everlight Street? never heard of that!! said Emily. She continued
walking past the different streets which to her, felt like ages. Emily mysteriously
stopped at Remix Street. As she was walking, she noticed a bright, pink glimmer.
So, she checked it out.

There was a random boy holding her special locket. ''HEY! that dude is selling MY
locket to a... Reaper? Emily was shocked and quickly ran to the wierdo. "I can't
believe that! GIVE IT TO ME NOW! Then the spooky reaper glared at the shiny
locket, giving his eyes a pain of a BURNING SENSATION. He dropped it then it
was Emily's chance to get it back. ''$15 thanks... No! Emily was very happy.

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