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Emily's Missing Locket

Emily's heart sank as she realised her cherised locket was missing.
She retraced her steps through the bustling city streets, each one
more frantic than the last. Little did she know, her quest to find
the locket would lead her to unexpected places and faces.
Emily kept on going to find her precious locket. Passing through the
streets, Emily noticed more and more people kept on disappearing,
but Emily didn't care and kept on going. She came across a
mysterious building and went inside to check to find her precious
As she entered inside she spotted lots of creepy people standing
just like a statue and some people were being hanged. Emily passed
the creepy people and went up the creaky wooden stairs. She saw a
wicked witch brewing a poisonous potion, and next to her was
something shocking. It was her missing locket! That witch looked
very evil, so she had to be careful. She crawled behind table and
was about to grab her locket but the evil witch spotted her so Emily
had to run fast. The witch was chasing her as fast as she could and
soon Emily was breathless but she knew she had to keep sprinting.
While the witch was chasing Emily, she came up with a brilliant idea
to trick the witch. Emily saw that there were 2 doors leading to the
same room. She'd go through the first door and come out from the
second door. By the time the witch entered the first door, Emily
had grabbed the locket and returned home safely and always kept
her locket safe.

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