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by Naishika, Grade 5, Canberra (Australia)

At Christmas time it’s very thrilling,

Everyone is very willing.

A brand-new year would be pleasant,

Everyone was waiting to open their presents!


You can decorate and accessorize the tree,

Everybody’s face lit up with glee.

Hanging the ornaments, one and two,

And then you can gather in the living room to eat fondue.


You attempt to make a gingerbread house,

But instead, there’s lots of rouse.

Before you sleep you remember a thing,

You make Santa a nice snack, and sing.


In the night you’ll wait and seek,

For Santa to come so you could take a quick peak.

You’ll not sleep thinking of what you’ll get,

And before you know it, you’ll start to sweat.


In the morning you’ll go and rush,

And everyone would, calm down ‘’HUSH’’.

You will slowly open the presents.

And then you’ll find heartwarming contents inside.

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