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Oh! I Love Books
by Kenisha, Grade 6, Canberra (Australia)

They comfort and interest me,

The things they have written turn into images for me to see.

I always pick one up before bed,

For they give me sweet dreams ahead. 

I wonder why people prefer TV over books,

For me, I pick one up and like to read in a quiet nook. 

How does something so small hold something so interesting,

I find myself happiest when I am reading. 

The page's smell is so comforting,

I like it so much I feel like singing.

Ebooks are nothing compared to actually holding a book,

Reading them always makes me hooked. 

The beautiful smell and feel,

The words you write make me believe they are real!

People scanning the books in the library,

Until they are really weary.

I could not pick a favorite book,

Sometimes books are mistook.

I love you books, you are amazing,

You get me laughing and weeping. 

You are amazing books. 

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