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The Enchanting Wonder of Nature
by Sasmitha Ravi, Grade 10, London

In nature's realm, where beauty dwells,
A tapestry of wonders, she unveils.
Her rhythm breathes life into the air,
Gently caressing with a tender flair.

Beneath the cerulean sky, mountains rise,
Their majestic peaks kiss the cloudy guise.
Echoes of the wind whisper secrets untold,
Amongst the ancient trees, so wise and bold.

By the rapid brooks, where the calm waters dance,
Creatures seek solace in a wild trance,
Birds soar through the clear skies unrestrained
Their melodious songs forever sustained 

Fields dressed in hues of vibrant green,
Where flowers bloom, a sight to be seen.
Butterflies flutter with graceful delight,
Painting the meadows with colours so bright.

The moonlight weaves its silver gleam,
Lifting the stars from a celestial dream
Night embraces the land with a mystic embrace,
As constellations twinkle, leaving no trace.

Seasons dance in a seamless flow,
Each with its magic, a captivating show.
Spring breathes life into dormant earth,
Summer's warmth kindles joy and mirth.

Autumn paints a canvas of golden hues,
Leaves gracefully fall, in a subtle muse.
Winter descends, a serenade of snow,
Blanketing the world in a tranquil glow.

The harmony of nature whispers a tale
Of resilience, balance, and endless travail.
With every sunrise and every dawn,
She grants us wisdom, a fleeting pawn.

Let us bask in nature's gentle grace,
Preserving and cherishing every sacred space.
For in her embrace, we find solace and peace,
A sanctuary where our weary souls release.

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