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The Invisible Issac

By Kian, Grade 5, Sydney (Australia)

Whoosh! Whoosh! The super-fast cars that cost an arm and a leg zoom past in a flash as my hair flies in the air. I wish I could be that fast. I told my friend a joke about one of the racers, and he had a barrel of laughter, and so did I. He said it was a piece of cake to do 'the rainbow flick' on the first try and laughed like an okra who was born from a whale’s tummy. I said it was a pie in the sky to do it on the first try, so I told him to do it, he asked if he could do it now at that instant, but I said that he should hold his horses and do it at lunch.

He was so confident that he exclaimed, “Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! I said, “Well, break a leg.” I also told him to do it after lunch so he’d get time to plan it now. I saw him fail, and he cried, so I taught him the skill and told him to try next time. I went home to hit the hay and came back to school, fresh as new. He practised a lot and finally knew how to do it. This time, he did it in front of the whole school. The teacher was so proud she gave him a merit award for so much confidence and for having the guts to do it in front of the whole school.

I was very happy, saw eye to eye with him, and gave him a signal saying, "Good job." He even gave credit to me. I was overjoyed that my friend had done it. The next day, everyone, including the school bully, asked me to teach them the skill. They were mesmerized to see me do it, so I taught them the skill, and they said a very pleasing, "Thank you." We were always best friends forever!

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