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Dooms Day

By Pranay, Grade 7, Perth (Australia)

Kim glares at the swiftly moving rocket ship as it hurriedly leaves Earth’s atmosphere. Tears rolled down his cheek as he knew his time was over. On the other hand, he sees death in the form of an asteroid advancing to his location. Kim begins to think of a strategy to escape securely and achieve his goals after realizing that hiding is a waste of time and that giving up is not an option.


As the sun dipped into the ocean, Kim raced to his car, parked in an ominous alleyway. He got near the car and detected an aura awaiting him. Step by step, he tried to predict the figure's movements while moving toward his car. He opens the car and gets in, a sigh of relief, followed by a high-pitched scream echoing through the vast room. Face-to-face, they do not move. Kim turned his car on and fled the scene as fast as a cheetah.

The figure tries to keep up but stops at the light. “That was close,” he whispers to himself. Kim tries to recall the figure but has no luck because of his short-term memory loss. “Why did it stop at the light?” he questioned himself. A car pulls up at the thicket as squirrels scurry away into the vibrant tree. Kim smiles joyfully looking at the house, then silently jogs toward it, which was sheltered by greedy vines. The door stretches as Kim pushes it open.


Silence takes over the hollow room as he tries to devise a foolproof plan. Paper after paper got brutally thrown into the petite bin as he cried in failure. Kim decides to go on a walk so he can cool his heated brain. Trees cry in pain as the wicked flame cools down from sprinklers. Kim freezes from the sprinkler and sits on a drenched bench. He looks at the flourishing flower bed in the pleasant park, as the talented bug works together to survive, not knowing the deadly disaster coming.

Unanticipated, Kim gets a feeling he is being watched. Looking everywhere, he spots the figure towering over him, looking around he realises he has no escape. It stared Kim down at his soul as vicious as a panther awaiting its meal. Red ooze dropped from under its fur as Kim froze in horror. Step by step it got closer opening its jaws to take a big bite of him. He closed his eyes and started to tear…

“What am I doing? Is this giving up?” He pushed the figure with the strength of a thousand tigers and leapt away. Sweat dripped from his melted body as he sprinted away from it. He stares at the blinding sun as the soft sand emerges with his feet. … “Bye, Bye cruel world!” Boom! Cars pelted away from the powerful impact ruining Earth's society forever. Lava burst out from under the cambers imprisoning it.

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