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The Silly Bella

By Samaira, Grade 3, Perth (Australia)

In the spooky and dark midnight, there was a girl named Bella. She was sleeping in her mermaid bed wearing her pink, blue and purple pyjamas. Suddenly! She heard Something ... Bang! Bang! Bella had jelly legs and her palms were sweating so hard that her whole body was bursting into tears. She was furious that someone came into her house. She knew that she must lock all the doors.

But she went silent..... suddenly she heard the doorbell, she thought it might be a thing but little did Bella know that it was her parents who brought Bella a new puppy. He was the one who did the banging and crashing. But Bella's dad thought that this should be a piece of cake to hide this gift that Bella had yearned for such a long time. As Bella looked out the window from her parents' room, she noticed it was her parents!

Bella saw that there was a cute puppy in their hands. Bella rushed to her bed and unlocked the doors. She also noticed that the puppy cost an arm and a leg and she had the gorgeous puppy's look, and then she dreamt about the puppy. As soon as possible Bella went to sleep, her parents hid the puppy.

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