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The Talking Parrot

Nathaniel, Grade 2, Brisbane (Australia)

One day, some people went to the aviary to get a bird. Sissy, the owner, wanted to get a parrot for her other parrot called Piggy. When she got her new parrot, she named it Poogy. She put Poogy in Piggy’s cage, but both of them escaped.

On the way, they met a colourful lizard named Flappy. They were exhausted, so they hopped on Flappy’s back and flew to the ocean. When they arrived at the ocean, they met a turtle named Tippy. Still too tired to fly, they clambered onto Tippy’s back and swam to an island. When they got there, they found a paradise of birds. There was nothing else on the island, just birds.

There was lush green grass and a crystal-clear waterfall. Just when they were about to enjoy this bird paradise, a giant shape loomed over them. It was... humans! Piggy and Poogy were not tired anymore, so they flew to the jungle and lived happily ever after.

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