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Mr. Parrot

By Arnav, Grade 7, Melbourne (Australia)

“Hahahaha,” laughed Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump was having the time of his life pulling the leg of his friend Ted. Ted is an innocent old man who is always made fun of by Mr. Trump. As the men were having a funny conversation, Weeny the parrot had enough of his dad’s actions. Time went by, and Mr. Trump continued to be very disrespectful. Weeny got so furious he lost his temper and started using the man’s actions against him. “You are such a couch potato, you silly old man!” After hearing what came out of the parrot's mouth, Mr. Trump went bananas and threw poor Weeny across the room.

Mr Trump felt like a fish out of water, so his only option was to lock Weeny away so he wouldn’t lose his image. Mr Trump was deeply bugged and upset about his bird’s actions. As he walked out of the room, he was shocked to see his “friends” waiting for him. “Guys, please hold your horses, I didn’t mean what I said!” His friends responded with anger, saying, “You can only be our friend when pigs start to fly.” Then, out of nowhere, his friends began to yell at him and make fun of him, and then he was dumped by the people he used for his enjoyment.

Mr. Trump sat down by the stairs feeling empty. He then dashed over to Weeny, asking him why he was always left out. Weeny looked at Mr. Trump and saw that he was extremely down in the dumps. Weeny told him that he would be given a second chance. “Knock, knock.” “We are here to give you a second chance, Trump. Do not mess this up!”

Mr. Trump was left with a hopeful chance to redeem himself. He made sure not to screw it up! “Getting used to not making fun of us must feel like a nutshell,” said Ted. Trump grinned with embarrassment.

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