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The Mischievous Puppy

By - Nirvan (Grade 4, Australia)

It all started when a cute little puppy named Cozy went for a stroll to the park with his owner, Mahesh. Soon after they reached the park, Mahesh left Cozy to play in the park as usual. Cozy always had so much fun with the other children.That day, Mahesh left Cozy with the other children and got busy with his unusual phone calls. With his preoccupied mind, Mahesh forgot where he had left Cozy. After searching for a while, he ran back to his house. Mahesh kept his fingers crossed and hoped Cozy would be back at the house. To his disappointment, he found Cozy’s leftover food and his squeaky toy in the backyard. Mahesh was distressed as he could neither find Cozy in the park nor at his house.

Meanwhile, Cozy was having a whale of a time with the children at the park. The children left after some time, and Cozy was all alone. Suddenly, an idea struck Cozy: “Why don’t I play by myself? But where is Mahesh, my owner? ... It’s okay! I will play on my own; he will surely find me.” Cozy began digging the ground curiously in the hope of finding a bone or two. At home, Mahesh was extremely sad, “Where is my Cozy? He is the apple of my eye. I hope he is not in some trouble.” Just then, the doorbell rang, and Mahesh rushed to the door. It was the neighbor who had come to play with Cozy. The neighbor exclaimed after knowing what had happened, “What a conundrum! How do you plan to find him? After all, he cost you an arm and a leg.”

At the park, Cozy dug a tunnel and realized that it was a piece of cake for him. Soon after he dug a two-meter-long tunnel, he hit something hard. At that point, he fell short of breath and felt like a fish out of water. He quickly jumped out and found himself in front of a family having a picnic. He took a fresh breath and was surprised to find butter just beside him. He licked the butter and sniffed around. A cheeky toddler went near Cozy and fed him the leftover sandwich. Cozy relished the sandwich and started wagging his tail. He licked the toddler with his buttery tongue. The toddler giggled as Cozy tickled him. It went on and on, and soon there was a conversation between them.

Cozy wagged his tail and said, “Woofff...woof.”

The toddler hugged Cozy and giggled, “Hehihehi.”

After some time, they were rolling all over the place. Cozy really enjoyed this time, as he only got a chance to play with a toddler once in a blue moon.

Just then, Mahesh came back to the park with Cozy’s favorite food. Cozy smelled the food and ran towards the direction of the smell. The toddler ran with Cozy as fast as he could. Mahesh was relieved to spot Cozy after a day full of searching for him. Mahesh instructed Cozy that it was time to go home. Cozy wagged his tail and said goodbye to the toddler, who was almost inseparable from him. The toddler’s parents informed Mahesh that they could meet again at the same time next week. From then on, Cozy and the toddler met weekly and had fun-filled times with each other.

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