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The Cat's Day Out

By Hans Gulati, Grade 6, Sydney (Australia)

As the cat, Mittens, stared at the clouds that were as white as paper outside the window, she felt like a poor, trapped cat. Mittens decided that she wanted to go outside and explore the beautiful world. First, she grabbed a spade and jammed it under the window, sitting on the handle. Mittens' plan failed horribly because she was too light to push the window up. She realised that if her owner left the house, she could sneak out through the door with them.

As she heard her owner yell from the kitchen, "Bob, I’m going grocery shopping," Mittens' eyes shone like diamonds in the sky. As her owner went out, she sneaked out with them until her owner shut the door on Mittens' poor little tail. As Mittens roamed around the neighbourhood, she noticed a nearby park and decided to go in, but little did she know it was a dog park.

As Mittens strolled through the park with glee and a smile as happy as Larry's, she made eye contact with the dogs. She wanted to meet them, so she marched down as if she were a brave soldier. "Hi, my name is Mittens. What’s your name?" she asked with wonder. "My name is I DON’T ALLOW CATS IN MY PARK!" yelled the German Shepherd as two Boxers beside him barked at poor little Mittens.

Mittens felt hurt, like a punch in the gut. She wanted to run home, but then she heard the laughing of the German Shepherd. Determined to fight back, Mittens charged in, brave as a soldier. As she ran, she overheard the cackles of the German Shepherd. Seeing red, she charged at the German Shepherd, but the Boxers bull-charged her away. At that moment, Mittens got an idea: she would go from behind, take the German Shepherd's crown, and then climb up a nearby tree. It was a great idea.

As Mittens was approaching from behind, a poodle that was barking at the Boxers realised Mittens was sneaking up. He yelled as loud as a thunderbolt, "Sir, behind you!" But it was too late. Mittens took the crown, ran between the Boxers, and climbed up the tree. She slept there while all the other dogs barked up at her.

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