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Escape Plan

By Kian, Grade 6, Sydney (Australia)

Bang! The door slammed shut behind me. I found myself in a strange building with a peculiar smell. It was dark and cold, and I was trapped! My imagination began to wander. Is this building haunted? I wanted my amazing family to help me leave this huge and old palace as soon as possible.

I saw a light gleaming brightly from beneath the bottom of the door. I wanted to go in, but had butterflies in my stomach at the same time. Anyway, I went in and saw a wolf stuck in chains without any mercy. It begged me if I could help it out, but I would be miserable if I went home without helping it, so I swiftly removed its chains and eyepatch. I had purposely left one chain on so he couldn’t eat me. My predictions turned out to be true. I said, “I don’t fully trust you,” but then he kept trying to persuade me by saying that he was lonely. He also said that killing others was his instinct.

So I freed him, but then he betrayed me and tried to catch me. I dodged all his slow attacks and ran for my life. I locked myself in a dark room. To my luck, at dawn the next day, I packed my bag and found another exit. I dashed like a flash through it and tried to find my house. It followed me as quietly as it could, but I could sense the sharp-witted wolf behind me. I decided to go home, open the backyard door, and trap it outside at the speed of light. I did exactly what my witty thoughts told me to do and opened the large backyard door. It followed me as I closed the door, but then I briskly remembered that the door locked when you closed it.

I had just bought a new house a few days ago when I locked myself outside. My dog was resting on the floor when a bright idea flashed in my mind. I tried to get him to move, but he was sluggish. I got a mischievous cat from the street and got my dog to go outside his electric dog flap. I got his electric leash to go through the dog flap, and so the dog flap opened for me. The wolf had climbed over the fence, which was a huge relief.

The dog flap opened, but then suddenly, the stray cat climbed up the door to get away from my dog. When the cat accidentally bit my leg, I yelled, “That was not nice at all,” as the cat was still running away from my dog. My face was slammed into my dog's toys. I was highly irritated by the cat and cunning wolf. I screamed at the cat loudly. It whined and calmed down. I calmed down too. I was very angry but gave the cat and wolf a second chance. If that happened again, I would give the irritating wolf and cat to animal control.

I was just happy the wolf was back to snoozing in his room and the cat was also fine. I will never forget this day!

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