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The Secret Door

By Heer, Grade 4, Brisbane (Australia)

I was cleaning my storage room when I found a secret door. I opened it and discovered a room filled with cobwebs and a bed covered in dust. I brought my friends over, and they were mesmerized and disgusted at the same time. Zeel and I thought cleaning would be a piece of cake and that we would be the ones giving the jobs. We split into groups; I led one, and Zeel led the other.

"Aaaaa, there is a spider on your head!" yelled Zeel to me.

"What? Really? Get it off! Get it off!" I yelled.

"Hahaha! I was pulling your leg. Hahahahaha!"

"It's not funny. Get back to work!" I exclaimed.

I was in charge of the renovations, and Zeel's group was in charge of the decorating. We did an amazing job, but there was a problem. There was a huge hole in the floor that one of my friends patched up with cement. Finally, we were done. It cost an arm and a leg to finish it, but it was worth it. Soon, we gathered things for a sleepover at my house. When my dad found out, he promised to keep it a secret, so we were good.

Until Shivam came and found out. Now he brought all of his friends. We had to divide the room; I got the bigger half because I had more friends. Soon, it was raining cats and dogs, so we went outside to bathe in the rain. It was so much fun. Eventually, everyone left, and that was our best memory ever. I slept in that room with Shivam, and we still sleep in that room today. We do everything there, so I would say that night was the best day ever.

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