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Learn English with Malvika

Learn with the best, enhance your English skills, and become fluent in reading, writing, and speaking.

How Do We Teach?

We offer personalisation & flexibility to help you learn as per your liking. 

Personalised Study Plan

We know every student is different, and so should be their study plan. We provide personalised study material to each student.

NAPLAN, IB Preparation

Prepare with our experienced faculty's guidance and score excellent in competitive exams like NAPLAN, IB, Selective School Entry, IELTS etc.

1-on-1 / Group Classes

You can get 1-on-1 classes and learn without any worry. Group classes increases your communication skills and  provides a larger capacity for brainstorming different ideas. 

Flexible Timings 

We allow you to take your time, and choose. We provide flexible timings so that you can learn English whenever you like.


We offer courses for Students, Professionals & Housewives. English is for everyone.

One to One Classes

Private 1-on-1 sessions

Group Classes

Study in groups & learn.

Offline Classes


We offer a variety of courses, for everyone.

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